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18k White Gold Messika Move Romane Diamond Bangle Bracelet

» Messika Jewelry Collections » 18k White Gold Messika Move Romane Diamond Bangle Bracelet

  • 18k White Gold Messika Move Romane Diamond Bangle Bracelet

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    Metal: 18k white gold total weight 23g (Upon the size)
    Diamonds: 0.56ct - 1.95ct (Upon the size)
    - Bracelet size S: 14,5-15,5cm
    - Bracelet size M: 15,5-16,5cm
    - Bracelet size L: 17-18cm
    - Bracelet size XL: 18,5-19cm
    The Bangle Move Romane GM is also available in yellow gold, pink gold and black gold on request.

    • Specifications

    Genuine 18k gold, GIA Certified diamonds & natural emeralds and factory direct selling price!More Jewelry HD Video Contact us :

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    Bangle bracelets, slave bracelets, bangles, as many designations as many models at Messika. These rigid bracelets are one of its favorites. At Messika, the bangles distinguish themselves from each other to better mix together. Highlighting the wrist, they dress it up to better unveil it. The Move Romane large 18 carat white gold and diamonds bracelet, a new variation of the iconic collection, combines the lightness of a diamond strand and the metallic radiance of a white gold ribbon. An openwork, the modern asymmetry is balanced with the diamonds in motion. Five stones as a universal symbol of life and perfection.

    ①We only provide original same the boutique jewelry.We are real 18k solid gold and diamonds.If our jewelry and no same for original Boutique jewelry, accept the return.

    ②The delivery date is 5-10 Days after receiving 40% of deposit, If it is a complex series of jewelry, need more time. Making full payment before shipment while the products is finished and saw the photos and videos of the authentic products.

    ③ Acceptance method: Western Union  Or Bank Wire Transfer.

    ④All orders are FREE shipped through DHL , Usually, once the tracking number comes out, the parcel will be delivered to your address in 3-4 business days.

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